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Void buddies.

A friend's birthday is coming up, and I was having trouble thinking of something to get for him. So I decided...why not draw two League of Legends champions that he likes to play? If you know anything about the lore, Vel'koz is from the Void and not, but he has a skin that's void-themed! It kind of works out.

This gave me good practice with drawing and using colored pencils as well. I'm pretty pleased with how the sketch came out; the coloring...could've been done better, but I didn't realize that the purple colored pencils have such weird texture and blending properties. I definitely still need work on those. Yellow is easy to work with, though; it blends so well without much effort. Lessons learned.

“I dream. Sometimes I think that's the only right thing to do.”

Drawing by Amy Sol, colored with Prismacolors by me.
I have this little artbook full of little drawings by various artists that I made at the Oakland Museum of California when it had the Super Awesome and Giant Robot exhibit. I wanted to practice using my colored pencils because I've had these Prismacolors for probably close to 10 years, and most of them I haven't even used. Plus, I'm so bad at colored pencils, so why not practice?
Anyway, while looking through this artbook, I discovered a new artist whose art I really like: Amy Sol. This outline was done by her, and I felt like coloring it in to practice. I like the colors used on the main subject, but I think I did get a little lazy on the thing next to the girl. But, it's practice, and I like the direction I'm going. It's refreshing to see different art styles, and I hope that one day I can develop my own.

In the name of the moon...I will punish you!

Pencil sketch with ink overlay.
Erased the pencil lines. I need to work on my inking.
Colored with Prismacolors.
My roommate loves Sailor Moon, so it only makes sense that I would draw her a Sailor Moon card. I didn't take a picture of the final card (with the happy birthday message and stuff, but eh, that's just extra, right?), but you can see the step-by-step process. I wanted to try out my Prismacolors again, though I have no idea how to color with colored pencils so...yeah, the final product looks kind of...meh. It's the thought that counts, though, right?
I'm glad I gave it a shot though; I still want to master colored pencils and watercolors, among other media. I brought all my paints and my canvases and easel back from home to my apartment, so hopefully I'll get a lot more art done. Requests gladly taken!

I also signed up for adult education art classes in the city. Six weeks, three hours each...teaching me the basics of drawing. I hope that this will at least…