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Welcome to the new age.
This is it, the apocalypse.

Edit 11.17.13 Okay. It is colored. It is late. I am a bad person. It's always such a relief to paint again, even when I suck at it (I'm so bad at watercolors). Regardless, it lets me get some tension out and I always feel a little better after drawing or painting something. The colors are appropriate for what I've been feeling lately, so I figured...why not finish this one up.
I finally have an idea of what to draw after so many months of not touching pencil to paper. I'm thinking I'll paint this with watercolors. Dark colors on everything except the terrarium. I got this idea after listening to Radioactive, the song by Imagine Dragons. What if we lived in a world that we couldn't breathe in, we could only walk around in gas masks? And the only form of nature was in this tiny little world, sealed from humanity. That's the idea, at least.