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Cap'n Teemo.

Riot: Possible new skin idea?
I painted this for my boyfriend's birthday. It's Teemo (a character he played a lot in the game League of Legends when I first started talking to him) as a pastry chef (because that's the boyfriend's area of expertise). Oil paints on an 8"x10" canvas, mostly because I didn't have the time to paint on a huge canvas. At first, I had made the background more of a peach color but then realized that everything in this picture except his pants are pretty light, so I changed the background color to blue.
I have better sketches of this...I think in general my sketches are more in line with what I actually imagined but most of the time when painting it or trying to solidify the concept, it turns out to not be as great as I thought it'd be. To be honest, I was worried that he wouldn't be able to tell what it was. But, he did, so...that's good. Got to work more on these things...or maybe I'll find a more appropriate medi…