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Cap'n Teemo.

Riot: Possible new skin idea?
I painted this for my boyfriend's birthday. It's Teemo (a character he played a lot in the game League of Legends when I first started talking to him) as a pastry chef (because that's the boyfriend's area of expertise). Oil paints on an 8"x10" canvas, mostly because I didn't have the time to paint on a huge canvas. At first, I had made the background more of a peach color but then realized that everything in this picture except his pants are pretty light, so I changed the background color to blue.
I have better sketches of this...I think in general my sketches are more in line with what I actually imagined but most of the time when painting it or trying to solidify the concept, it turns out to not be as great as I thought it'd be. To be honest, I was worried that he wouldn't be able to tell what it was. But, he did, so...that's good. Got to work more on these things...or maybe I'll find a more appropriate medi…

Doctor Who.

The Medusa Cascade.
I started watching Doctor Who thanks to a friend who is notoriously obsessed with it (he got others into it as well). I was supposed to paint this for my now-ex-boyfriend as a Christmas present...but got distracted and then other things got in the way (like our relationship). I finally finished it (before work starts) and am ready to give it to him. Picture was taken with my DSLR but I can't take these kinds of pictures without some sort of skew; I should really learn how.
This is more my interpretation of the TARDIS in the Medusa Cascade rather than an exact imitation of the actual shot from the show. Done with oils. I have to say, it was hard thinking about how to do the lighting of the clouds and such. I settled for this kind of wispy feeling, which I'm okay with but not 100% pleased with. Still feeling for that "style," I guess.