As long as we have each other.

Are we there yet?

My scanner couldn't fit the whole painting.

Edit 01.21.11: Added the colored version. As it says in the caption, my scanner couldn't fit the whole painting so I ended up cutting off some of the bottom. And I gave it to my friend before I could re-scan unfortunate.

It's been a while, guys. This year has been all rough and tumble for me, so I didn't get to drawing as much as I wanted to. Really, though, that's just an excuse...I'm really bad at keeping myself on track.

This is a work in progress for a friend. It's being painted in acrylics. I've already painted most of it but some of it still needs work and detailing...I haven't used acrylics in a while, especially on this type of paper so there are some messy parts that I'm not very fond of. The characters are Finn and Jake from Adventure Time. The original picture can be found here.

Drawing this got me thinking...I should really find my own style. Otherwise I'm just another person who can only imitate other people's work...and though that's not exactly horrible, that's definitely not who I want to be. This really requires dedication and I'm not sure if I have it, but I would like to determine that once and for all.


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