Childhood memories.

Be the Hobbes to my Calvin.

Edit 01.14.11: And now I present to you the colored version of my drawing. It's cropped, so it doesn't show the entire picture although it's basically the same (just some more grass). I colored Calvin and Hobbes with colored pencils and painted the background with watercolors. I would've done the whole thing in colored pencil if I weren't impatient and if I didn't know that I would probably screw the background up somehow with colored pencils. I think this turned out rather nicely and I hope he enjoys this picture. My mom originally thought I drew this to put up in our house or something so she suggested getting a frame for it and I had to let her down. This goes to someone else, mother dear! I'll probably draw her a Totoro or a Snoopy to compensate.

Another drawing for a friend--not done yet, I'm going to color it with colored pencils. I may use watercolor for the background...not sure yet. I'm sure you've all seen this lovely scene before; it's a pretty common Calvin and Hobbes picture. Sketched it in pencil, inked it in micron pen--I want more of those pens...they're amazing, and will color it soon. Figured I'd post the inked picture for you to see. This isn't really original material (obviously) and though I want to post up my own drawings, I need to finish these pictures for people first. This will also slowly help me get back into drawing more original stuff later. I hope, at least.


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